The Future of California's Oil Supply

by Gregory D. Croft, Tadeusz W. Patzek
Year: 2009


​Croft, G. and Patzek, T. W., Paper SPE 120174, “The Future of California's Oil Supply,” to be presented at the SPE Western Regional Meeting, San Jose, CA, 24-26 March 2009


Once an oil exporter, California now depends on imports for more than 60% of its oil supply. This paper examines the oil production outlook for each of California's major oil sources, including California itself. Oil production trends, published geological and engineering reports, and proposed developments in California's supply area are reviewed to define supply trends, especially for the medium-to-heavy, sour crudes that are processed in California's refineries. Refinery upgrading capacity is already highly developed in California, thus it is assumed that a competitive advantage in heavy, sour crudes will continue, although refining heavy oil releases more carbon dioxide.


California Oil Production Supply Trends Sour Crudes Competitive Advantage