I came to KAUST in January 2015, to organize and direct the Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center.  Formerly known as the Upstream Petroleum Engineering Research Center, the center started from scratch with no people and no facilities.  We have come a long way from that starting point.  In March 2015, I was joined by Professor Carlos Santamarina, who later became the center’s Associate Director, and later in October 2016, Professor Hussein Hoteit also joined the center.  Together we have been hiring staff, new faculty, senior research staff, postdocs, and graduate students.  An ultra-modern lab space spread across 3500 square meters was inaugerated  in December 2016. 

I hope that many of you, the best Ph.D. students and researchers around the world, will join the Energy Geosystems Group. If you do, you will share in our ambition, excitement, and t he noble vision of KAUST. Together, we will create the new science, engineering, startups, and understanding across cultures and languages.

Tadeusz Wiktor Patzek
Professor and Center Director



Latest News

10 November, 2021

Wardana Saputra Successfully Defended His PhD. Dissertation

On November 4th, Wardana Saputra, Ph.D. Candidate Supervised by Director and Prof. Tadeusz Patzek successfully presented his defense entitled: Physics-Guided Data-Driven Production Forecasting in Shales.

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03 September, 2020

Daniela Ortiz Defended Her Master Thesis

Congratulations to EGG group member, Daniela Andrea Arias Ortiz, who successfully defended her MS thesis on Sept 2, 2020.

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07 September, 2020

Prof. Patzek Wins the 2020 EAGE Desiderius Erasmus Award

This year, Professor Tad Patzek received the highest technical honor bestowed by the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE): Desiderius Erasmus award (Award for Lifetime Contribution).

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