Experimental and Numerical Studies of One-Dimensional Imbibition in Berea Sandstone

by Amitabh Garg, Eric Zwahlen, Tadeusz W. Patzek
Year: 1996


Garg, Amitabh, Eric Zwahlen, and Tad W. Patzek. "Experimental and numerical studies of one-dimensional imbibition in berea sandstone." Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual American Geophysical Union Hydrology Days, Fort Collins, CO (1996): 15-18.


This paper presents the results of a one-dimensional imbibition experiment in a dry Berea sandstone core, along with Computerized Tomography (CT) visualization of the saturation, and a new numerical model of the imbibition. The main aspects of the paper are: (1) a one-dimensional spontaneous imbibition experiment to measure the cumulative imbibition, permeability, and capillary pressure from the slope of saturation vs. square root of time curve; (II) a visual representation of the distribution of water saturation based on CT scan images; and (III) mathematical modeling and numerical simulations to compare with the experimental results.