Development of a Mechanistic Foam Simulator: The Population Balance and Generation by Snap-Off

by A. H. Falls, G. J. Hirasaki, T. W Patzek, D. A. Gauglitz, D. D. Miller, T. Ratulowski
Year: 1988


​Falls, A. H., G. J. Hirasaki, TW E. al Patzek, D. A. Gauglitz, D. D. Miller, and T. Ratulowski. "Development of a mechanistic foam simulator: the population balance and generation by snap-off." SPE reservoir engineering 3, no. 03 (1988): 884-892.


​The mobility of a foam depends heavily on its texture, which is the distribution of bubble sizes in the dispersion. To incorporate this variable in a mechanistic simulator, the usual conservation equations are coupled with balances on the densities of flowing and stationary bubbles in the foam. This approach to modeling foam flow is illustrated with a simulation of a displacement in which foam is generated in situ by capillary snap-off.