Capillary Forces Exerted by Liquid Drops Caught Between Cylinders - A 3-D Meniscus Problem with Free Contact Lines

by T. E. Patzek, L. E. Scriven
Year: 1982


Patzek, T. W., and L. E. Scriven. "Capillary forces exerted by liquid drops caught between crossed cylinders. A 3-D meniscus problem with free contact line." In 2d International Colloquium on Drops and Bubbles, vol. 1, pp. 308-314. 1982.


​The Young-Laplace equation is solved for three-dimensional menisci between crossed cylinders, with either the contact line fixed or the contact angle prescribed, by means of the Galerkin/finite element method. Shapes are computed, and with them the practically important quantities: drop volume, wetted area, capillary pressure force, surface tension force, and the total force exerted by the drop on each cylinder


Cylindrical Bodies Drops (Liquids) Interfacial Tension Liquid-Solid Interfaces Liquid-Vapor Interfaces Menisci Drop Size Eigenvalues Finite Element Method Galerkin Method Laplace Equation Surface Energy