EGG Presence at IMAGE 2022 Conference Held in Houston

01 September, 2022

Congratulations to Samuel Fontalvo for his participation in the SEG EVOLVE program. Our SEG EVOLVE team from KAUST presented their work during the IMAGE 2022 annual conference in Houston, TX. For their excellent work in demonstrating teamwork in delivering quality project results, the team received the "best teamwork" recognition. The team member includes Hasyim Taufik as petrophysicist, Jordania Zerpa and Juan Romero as geologists, Indah Putri and Randy Caesario as geophysicists, Samuel Fontalvo as petroleum engineer, and Professor Matteo Ravasi as Faculty Advisor. The team was also supported by Andika Perbawa and Indra Arifianto as geophysics and geology mentors. 

SEG EVOLVE 2022 was a one-of-a-kind opportunity to highlight the knowledge and talent of ANPERC students. The SEG EVOLVE program offers students direct experience conducting multidisciplinary subsurface integration projects using real-world seismic, wireline, core, production, and other datasets.

The SEG EVOLVE 2022 KAUST team applied for the program in November 2021 and was selected to join the program with ten other groups from around the world. The team developed this project for more than six months, where they had hands-on experience evaluating an area in the Gulf of Mexico. At the end of this period, the team was awarded a travel grant to the biggest annual SEG/AAPG conference, IMAGE 2022. During the conference, the team presented their project to an audience of the most experienced professionals from academia and industry. This program also allows students to interact and learn from renowned geologists and geophysicists worldwide, improve presentation skills, connect with different cultures, and broaden networking opportunities.

KAUST SEG EVOLVE Team : Mochammad Randi Caesario, Samuel Fontalvo, Indah Putri, Jordania Zerpa, Muhammad Hasyim Taufik (Captain), and Juan Romero

KAUST SEG EVOLVE Team : Mochammad Randi Caesario, Samuel Fontalvo, Indah Putri, Jordania Zerpa, Muhammad Hasyim Taufik (Captain), and Juan Romero