ANPERC-KAPSARC collaboration: Staying Cool in A Warming Climate

17 February, 2020

Staying Cool in A Warming Climate: Temperature, Electricity and Air Conditioning in Saudi Arabia is a collaboration research project of ANPERC and KAPSARC. The results have been presented at the Middle East Energy Saudi conference and at the KAPSARC. Peer-reviewed article on the topic has been published recently in the MDPI journal Climate.


Figure 1. Temperature change from 1979 to 2018. (a) whole year (b) summer only based on ECMWF ERA5 Dataset (​Climate 2020, 8(1), 4).


Global warming is an issue of high importance for countries with already hot climate. In Saudi Arabia, average temperature has increased by 2 degrees since late 70-s. The warming rate is almost 3 times faster than the planet as a whole, and 50% faster than the rest of the Northern Hemisphere land. Moreover, summers are getting warmer faster than winters. In several locations summers became warmer by more than 3 degrees over the same period.

In addition, Saudi Arabia has the biggest share of AC in household electricity consumption in the world. Country and its increasingly growing population is very vulnerable to heat waves and extreme temperatures. We found, 1 degree of temperature increase influences the rise in power production by 2 to 4.6 % depending on the region. It is of particular consideration for policymakers and energy planning in the view of significant warming in the past decades. 

full text: here



Figure 2. Natalia Odnoletkova (PhD Student) presented at the Middle East Electricity Saudi, 12 - 14 October 2019 at Riyadh International Convention Center, KSA 



Figure 3. From left to right: Turki Al-Shehri (CEO of Engie), Natalia Odnoletkova (KAUST PhD Student), and Thamir Al Shehri (KAPSARC Senior Research Associate) at the Middle East Electricity Saudi 2019.