EGG at MEOS 2019 Bahrain

25 February, 2019

Prof. Tadeusz Patzek, post-doc Timofey Eltsov, and PhD student Ahmed Hassan recently attended the Middle East Oil and Gas Show (MEOS) from March 18 to 21 in Bahrain. The counterpart to GEOS, MEOS brings national and other petroleum companies together with academics and scientists from around the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) organizes an exhibit where everyone from Schlumberger to Saudi Aramco will rub shoulders, and a conference that presents hundreds of papers on geological and engineering topics. In the technical session of MEOS 2019, Timofey and Prof. Tad presented a topic about a new technique for detection of integrity of magnetic cement behind resistant casing. Also, Ahmed Hassan presented his research about a procedure to produce high quality pore casts for complex pore space of the micritic carbonates


Picture: (From left to right) Timofey, Ryan, and Prof Tad. Patzek at ANPERC booth - MEOS 2019


  • Beyond Steel Casing: Detecting Zonal Isolation in the Borehole Environment, T. Eltsov, T. W. Patzek (March 21, 13:50, Session 48: Geophysical Acquisition and Processing/Borehole Geophysics) "Electrically resistant casing enables electromagnetic logging for exploration and reservoir monitoring, but it requires development of new logging methods. Here we present a technique for the detection of integrity of magnetic cement behind resistant casing."
  • Validation of High Pressure Resin Impregnation Technique for High Resolution Confocal Imaging of Geological Samples, (March 21, 10:30, Station 12) A. Hassan "We present a procedure that produces high quality pore casts that reveal the fine details of the complex pore space of micritic carbonates."