EGG at InterPore2019 Valencia

12 May, 2019

Prof. Tad Patzek, our research scientists: Maxim Yutkin and Siarhei Khirevich, and our PhD students: Ahmed Saad and Syed Haider have recently joined the InterPore2019 in Valencia​, Spain. The InterPore2019 was organized by Universitat Politècnica de València from May 6th to 10th, 2019 and took place at the Valencia Conference Center. This conference is also the 11th annual meeting of the International Society for Porous Media, a non-profit-making independent scientific organization established in 2008 that aims to advance and disseminate knowledge for the understanding, description, and modeling of natural and industrial porous media systems​. 


Figure 1: Valencia Conference Center, a building that won the prize for World's Best Convention Center in 2010 and in 2018​


Here is the list of talks by EGG members in the InterPore 2019:
  • Maxim Yutkin: "Equilibrium constraints in low salinity waterflooding of carbonate reservoir"  
  • Ahmed Saad: "Dynamics of capillary-driven water invasion into mixed-wet angular pores"
  • Syed Haider: "ًWhat key physical factors yield a good horizontal hydrofractured gas well in a mudrock?"
  • Siarhei Khirevich: "Analysis of numerical error in lattice-Boltzmann simulations of Stokes flow in porous media.​"

EGG_Group_at InterporeAhmedSaad_talk_interpore

Figure 2: (left) Ahmed Saad, Prof. Tad Patzek, Syed Haider, and Research Scientist Maxim Yutkin at the InterPore 2019. (right) Ahmed Saad was presenting at the technical session of InterPore 2019.