Internal Collaborator

  • Senior Research Scientist - ANPERC​ KAUST
    Research Interests: Geomechanics, Fractured carbonate reservoirs, Unconventional Oil and Gas
  • ​Professor of Practice in Geology​​​ at KAUST
    Research Interests: Unconventional Gas, Formation Evaluation, Improved/enhanced oil recovery, Carbonate reservoirs, Shale gas, Tight gas carbonates
    B5/L3 - 3217

Visiting Faculty

  • Visiting Professor​​​ from UC Berkeley
    Research Interests: Rock wettability studies, Low salinity water flood, Coordination Chemistry
    B5/L3 - 3219

External Collaborator

  • Professor of Physics​ at UT Austin
    Research Interests: Transport in Porous Media, Unconventional Oil and Gas