I came to KAUST in January 2015, to organize and direct the newest KAUST Center for Upstream Petroleum Engineering Research.  The center started from scratch with no people and no facilities.  We have come a long way from that starting point.  In March, I was joined by Professor Carlos Santamarina, who later became the center’s Associate Director.  Together we have been hiring center’s staff, new faculty, senior research staff, postdocs, and graduate students.  Construction work on 3500 square meters of ultra-modern, very expensive lab space has already started as have several research projects.

I hope that many of you, the best Ph.D. students and researchers around the world, will join the Energy Geosystems Group. If you do, you will share in our ambition, excitement, and the noble vision of KAUST. Together, we will create the new science, engineering, startups, and understanding across cultures and languages.​