There are currently two pieces of equipment in the lab; Zetaspin, that helps studying surface properties of rocks namely Zeta potential and also effect of different brines on zeta potential and QCM: Quartz Crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring. Through these equipments, adhesion of different types of oil to rock can be quantified. Three personnel are currently carrying out experiments in the lab: Maxim Yutkin, Sirisha Kamireddy and Ahmed Hassan.

Sirisha and Ahmed are working on characterization of calcite surface and the affinity of different ions to the surface. Maxim works with QCM and uses some model compounds to better understand how oil adheres to calcite surface and how it can be detached from it. Reservoir Rock/Fluid Characterization Laboratory  will be expanded in future with addition of more equipment, in particular looking to core flood equipment, Petrophysical characterization equipment.

ZetaSpin is a device that uses a rotating disk to measure the zeta potential of a disk-shaped sample. The design allows it to be flexible and customizable. We can experiment with different types of rocks and adjust the system to our needs with certain limits.​
Rame-Hart contact angle goniometer measures dynamic or static contact angle in ambient or controlled environment. In addition to it the measurement of surface tension is also available. The flexibility of the device allows  measuring contact angles in different modes or settings, which eases the procedure for unique samples, like a piece of rock.
Quartz Crystal Microbalance measures a mass variation per unit area by measuring the change in frequency of quartz crystal resonator. QCM can be used under vacuum, in gas phase and more recently in liquid environment.